Friday, September 2, 2016


So things are going pretty good this week, there has been one rough day but other than that all the other ones have been good! I'm glad that you guys are all doing well! Hopefully your sewing projects are going well Momma! What is it that you are making exactly? Good for Grandma and Grandpa! I'm sure that it'll be really cool to be there for them! I definitely want to hear all about it!

Thank you guys sooo much!! Those packages are just awesome to receive and the bag and shoes are actually way nice! The shoes don't really hurt my feet anymore so that's good! ( I guess God is looking out for me in all ways right about now huh? :) ) Maggie's mom is pretty awesome and that was a great confidence boost when I was able to get those and see the messages that she has written. Oh, and I just want to thank you guys so much for the letters as well! I've gotten them and I'm trying to find a time when I can write you guys back but there's not a lot of spare time, just know that I am trying!

That is so great to hear about the passport! I've actually been kind of worrying about that but I'm glad you guys got it all sorted out!

French is coming along pretty good! It helps that my companion likes to study too. It's pretty easy to learn when they're are two of you wanting to learn French, so that's been a blessing! Oh, and the feminine and masculine part are all over french but eventually you get the hang of it! I'm also glad to be hearing that you guys are learning at least a little bit cause it would be kinda cool to talk to you guys in some french when i got back :)

I have to tell you guys something amazing that happened to me concerning prayer. Last week during a devotional we had, I just kind of asked a yes or no question in a prayer and I just kinda said if I could get an answer that would be great. Anyway I closed it and decided to wait patiently for an answer. However, I didn't have to wait that long. So after I prayed I just kind of got back to listening to the devotional and then all of the sudden I got this weird tingling on the back of my head that I had never felt before. I stopped listening and said a quick prayer asking if that was an answer. As soon as I got back to listening to the devotional, the next thing that the guy talking said, in a very loud voice, was "absolutely yes!". I heard that and I just sat there in shock for a minute. I really didn't believe what I had just heard and experienced but it happened! That seriously just happened and I believe that was an answer. It was very different for me to hear and experience something like that. It's still pretty hard to believe! Which kinda brings me to another realization that God doesn't answer us all in the same way. He has very distinct ways of communicating directly with us and there was no way I could ever deny that experience.

Anyway I'm running a little short on time so I gotta get back to it. I can't wait to talk to you guys soon and I just want to say how grateful I am for all of your guys' support it's been awesome!

Best Bud, Elder Josh Van Dremmelen