Friday, September 16, 2016


Hey guys!

Yeah it's kinda crazy how fast time is going by and it really is pretty fantastic. I seriously can't wait for Africa! I've heard so much and I'm just so excited to go and serve the people there. From what I've heard it's pretty awesome! Of course there will be some down sides but hopefully I can focus well enough on the good that it'll will go well!

Oh that's all good! Just keep trying eventually you'll get it :) It does take time and it's a little frustrating but it's fun to speak in a different language. It is kinda frustrating because every once in a while I'll forget the easiest words in French. I still don't know how to form all the sentences that I would like. That's a little frustrating but I'm sure in a few months I'll be speaking it like it's nothing! Quite honestly I actually feel like French in school helped a lot because it gave me a pretty good knowledge on basic sentence structure. How to ask questions and the conjugations for most verbs. It's actually been pretty helpful. :) Whoever told you that obviously didn't pay too much attention in French class.

It looks like Jeff is training Vaughn pretty well then! It's good to hear Mason is staying good and busy! Elyse is pretty awesome and I'm glad the kids are taking a liking to her. It's so nice to hear about all the goofy things that all the kids do. I miss being around them and just observing all the funny things that they do!

It's good to hear about that regional conference. In fact we had Elder Ballard come and talk to us just this past Sunday. Then we had Elder Cook come and talk to us. So we've had 3 Apostles right in a row! It's been super cool and Elder Cook has had my favorite talk so far! I think I may have already said this in my letter home but I'm not exactly sure. Brother Callor should be on my mission right now! There is honestly no way that that man couldn't touch the hearts of all the people in Africa. It's good to hear that he's doing well and still doing typical brother Callor stuff :)

So far being a zone leader has been fun! It's not all great though. Hearing about struggling Elders in the zone and not really knowing what to do about them is kinda saddening. But it's nice to try and be involved in helping them stay and just trying to get them so excited to go out and serve.That's kinda what comes with being a zone leader. One thing that's pretty awesome about being a zone leader is talking to all the new missionaries that come in! We just kinda tell them some pretty basic stuff but then we get to take them on a tour. We talk to them about where they're from and that is just really awesome!

No worries momma, I love to hear about everything it's a nice change of pace from all the missionary work that we do so it's fine by me! Thank you guys for everything!

P.S. I have some pictures but I can't get them right now because the computer I have doesn't have a SD card reader. I forgot my reader in my bag but I'll send you guys some later! Oh and something that would be appreciated is if you guys could send me my black davis tryout shirt! The one I like so much! If you could that would be awesome cause it would be kinda nice to have on workout days because it's getting colder. Anyway thanks for everything! I love hearing from you guys. It really just makes my week that much better! Adieu, j'espère que vous avez une bonne semaine! :)