Monday, November 28, 2016

Thankful Week

Whats up?!

Im glad to hear that you guys had a good Thankgsgiving break and that everything is going well over there! Everything is going pretty well over here! Weve actually had some interesting stuff thats been happening between some of the members of the branch and so weve been kept pretty busy with that. I dont think that I would be allowed so say because its actually pretty sensitive stuff that I honestly thought I would never really come across in my life but its happened so thats kinda been a subject of our work lately but just know were getting things handled and the problem is starting to die down so thats been good!

And honestly 2 years doesnt seem really too long to me right now. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing and really the people are great and I'm just happy to be here safe and sound. Thanks for sending the package I hope I'll be able to get it soon and I'll do my best to wait for Christmas but that may be a little difficult ;) I'm glad mom was finally able to make an awesome pie! If there's one thing that I have noticed, is that really I'm pretty much down to eat whatever because really sometimes you run out of money and you just gotta find what ever is cheapest sometimes but really the food is good!

So for the food seasoning I think I'm good but if you could send like more drink mixes and stuff. That would be awesome cause that really tasted good! So the new missionary has started to adjust fairly well. He struggled quite a bit at the beginning because he really loved everything in America and litterally theres nothing here thats the same so that took him a while but hes getting into the swing of it.

As for my testimony and spiritual experiences. My testimony is really strong. To me everything in this church just makes sense to me and if God sent Jesus Christ to be his example then why wouldnt we follow everything he taught and set up while he was on the earth. For me everything just makes sense and as I'm teaching and learning I just keep finding more that just adds to it so its building. Sometimes spiritual experiences out in the field can be difficult but the most spiritual experiences I found are when someone has a problem and you are able to help them through the church. That's really one of the coolest things that I've seen and problems here are quite frequent so yeah! But really there are always spiritual experiences no matter how small they may be and really it's just a matter of paying attention.

De toute facon, je vais finir en français parce que j'aime écrit en francais. C'est amusant et bon pratique. J'espere que vous allez avoir une bonne semaine! Et aussi que vous pouvez voir plus les benedictions que Dieu vous a donné et aussi qu'il va vous donner. et je veux le meme pour moi aussi. Parfois, c'est un peu difficile de voir tout qu'il a fait pour nous, mais, si nous prenons les temps de nous arrêter et regarder autour de nous. Je sais que vous allez voir les chose que vous n'avez jamais reconnu avant. Je vous souhaite une bonne semaine! Je suis impatient pour le prochaine fois. Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour moi. Je n'serais pas ici sans vous. Merci pour tout. à tout alors!

Elder Ellison

Monday, November 14, 2016


Whats up guys? :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! And I actually remembered during the week so don't think I forgot all about ya!

I finally got my package!!! It was the best thing ever!! You think I'm kidding but that was really awesome! Thanks for everything that you did for me! I really like that book also those Oreo cookies were like the best thing I've ever tasted, that was fantastic!

I'm glad you guys have had a good week! And yes that Hires makes me only a little bit jealous but hey I had grilled chicken with rice and a tomato based sauce so I think I won that battle ;) Oh hey good on the Jazz! They might actually be a good team this year but then again I could've just cursed it by saying that!

Alright so this week has actually been a pretty productive week and a little crazy! So first off it was out first transfer this week and it was pretty eventful! Elder Ranaivo is becoming a new Assistant to the President and we're also going to be receiving a new missionary from the United States! So I'll pretty much be his trainer because the person who he's training speaks the most rapid French I think that I have ever heard! So that will be an interesting formation! Also I've started using French words that resemble English words a lot more and that's been a really weird thing! Kinda like formation I would've just said training but in French its Formation so I've just started using that!

Also we had another baptism this past Sunday and it was 2 people Marie and Laurent and really they're pretty awesome! They don't speak really good French so its really kinda hard to talk to them but when you can they are really kind and funny! I really like them!

Anyway that's pretty much it for this week! Ill update you on the situation with the new American next week! Have a good week and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Laurent and Marie 
Happy Birthday Cake


Monday, November 7, 2016

Bon Anniversaire


Thanks guys! Its really is weird to think that I turned 19 in Benin Africa and that there's only 1 more birthday on my mission! I really appreciate that you have sent the package, but no I have not yet received it. I however did receive Brother Miles weekly painting and he sent that on the 11 and that just got to me last Friday so I'm sure the package will arrive soon enough! Please tell grandma and grandpa thanks! The one thing that I've bought here were a pair of Nike shoes that are probably not real but still are pretty cool and they were only 14 bucks! Also, our apartment just had a little party and we bought some cakes and they were actually super good! However one cake is more expensive than the shoes I bought but the lady who made them gave us a discount on the second one so that's awesome!

Dang a car caught on fire! That sounds like something that would happen here! I'm glad you guys have been having a good week! Its always nice to hear that my family having a good time!

So now with the homesickness I'm actually doing so much better! I just kinda missed having someone to just kinda talk to about pretty much anything! Because really there's only so much I can talk about in French. It's coming a lot faster and if someone is talking directly at me,I can understand probably about 90 percent of the time but if its like a big conversation that's kinda hard to follow. Things are starting to become easier to memorize so that's been good!

Alright Mama Sabine is pretty cool! Shes super nice and she lives with a pretty big family! Not all of them are her children but when you live with that many people they're pretty much your family. She sells candy and some other food for the most part but one thing that's super cool she has a lot of faith! Like any problem she has she believes that God is going to help her no matter what and that's actually really cool! She sometimes doesn't know all the doctrine so sometimes she'll say stuff and well have to explain it again but she really is awesome,

Food is pretty basic. Chicken, fish, rice, or a sauce is usually the case. I've made some scrambled eggs and I've made chocolate milk so that's awesome! I also want to make an egg salad sandwich because that's pretty simple. Um request wise just some different types of candy and maybe a jar of peanut butter! Oh and maybe a couple recipes too? Not anything crazy but variety would help. Oh and maybe the recipe for cookie dough? The eggs haven't affected me so far and if I get sick. It will totally be worth it! I've actually noticed I kinda gotten smaller but that's not because I don't eat enough, we just do so much walking and I try to do some exercises every morning but don't worry I'm not starving!

I really like that thought about joy. Also a big thing that goes with that is hope. Hope is one of the biggest reasons why sometimes we can do things or overcome trials that other wise would be really difficult. That's one of the many benedictions ( I used that word automatically cause its blessings in french ) of the church and that's one of the reasons I came on my mission. I'm glad things are going well and I hope you all have a great week! Love you! Talk to you next week!