Friday, September 23, 2016

Like the rain?

I got to admit seeing the rain was pretty nice too. I have some pictures of me and my companion in it but they didn't turn out all that well but it's whatever.

Yeah chasing around the girls is more fun than watching old men play baseball ;) 
Don't tell Jeff that I called him an old man.... Cause he's not and he could still kick my butt so... just keep that on the DL :) Chelsey sent me a bunch of photos of her baby and he's pretty much the cutest thing I have seen! I miss that chubulubs and he looks like he's doing good. Chelsey said that he's starting to crawl as well so that's pretty crazy!

I just thought I should let you guys know that I've actually been sick for the past week. It started out as a pretty mild cold but it got pretty bad so I went to the doctor the first time and they just got me some medicine for a cold. That didn't help much so I went back a couple days after and it turns out I have a sinus infection and an ear infection' I got all the medicine I need so I should be good in a couple of days. :)  I thought I should just let you guys know that! I also have lost like 5 pounds while I'm here because of it so I guess that's fun but it's all good!

Thanks for that scripture! It's been really awesome to be able to find a ton of cool scriptures and that's been really fun to discover more and more about the gospel! About your story, I feel like that's a good reminder to keep that in mind. I feel like I'm pretty decent at knowing that he's the one that does everything but at the same time that is a wonderful reminder, so thanks for that experience.

We're supposed to get our travel plans today and I couldn't be more excited! It's crazy to think that it has already been 5 weeks in the MTC and I am just so pumped to be going to Africa! We have continued talking to our teacher about some of his experiences and every little thing just gets me more and more excited. He gave us some good advice too, that instead of being nitpicky about all the different things in Africa that we should just love all of it and that's what I plan on doing! The thing I'm most excited for is playing little kids in soccer who are going to school me because that's all they know how to do so I'm really excited.

Everything is going well and I cannot wait for what Africa will teach me. Some of me wishes to go right now. Je sais que Il y a beaucoup des choses que je vais apprendre avec mes temps dans Afrique at je ne peux pas etre content pour cet occasion. Je suis tres contempt pour mon mission et aussi etre un missionaire. Je vous rate beaucoup mais, je sais que c'est tres important pour moi etre ici. J'aime cet occasion et le beaucoup des chose que J'ai apris