Monday, February 27, 2017

How is Africa?

Whats up guys!

I'm glad that baby Miles is ok and that everyone is getting over all of their various diseases. I'm very grateful I haven't gotten too sick or anything but since I said that well see!

Sorry I'm writing you guys so late because today was kinda crazy because we went into the market today and we couldn't really find what we were looking for so that took a long time and also the bus ride back was filled with traffic so it took a little bit of time but its all good!

So today this week went by so quickly and also we didn't have power for 3 days so we were a little forced to sleep on the roof of our apartment because inside was too hot.... sooooo but yeah I slept with my net and I didn't get bit at all so don't worry about it mom! and I've been steadily taking my doxy lately so it was all good! Also we had fish in the freezer and that started to smell absolutely terrible!

Alright so this week we worked like maniacs! We pretty much disregarded any form of a schedule that we have and we taught every single person that was possible! If they gave us a rendezvous we were always there! And it was so tiring! Sunday I was absolutely beat but today I feel like I could do it all over again! Maybe it doesn't sound that smart but it actually worked super well! When I first got here the sector was pretty much dead due to missionaries that worked there before but me and my awesome companion found a bunch of investigators and were able to set 7 baptism dates throughout last week! They should be done in the next 2 or three weeks depending if they're ready and we had 5 investigators show up to church which is actually pretty good here! We really worked hard and it was nice to see that a lot of it payed off. I know that maybe the style of work we put in I couldn't do it for all my mission but it was nice to have one week of just plain work, no meetings, not many delays, or problems just a week of straight works. I guess you could call it working without wisdom but it was pretty fun! It also made the week pass by so quickly its weird to think I'm already in the fourth week of my new transfer!

And to top it all of we had a baptism this Sunday as well! I'm going to try and send some pictures I just hope that you get them! Also I was also able to read a ton of Jesus the Christ today and its very detailed sometimes a little too detailed but I'm really liking it so far so if you have the time make sure to try and read it! Well that's just what happened this week and its been really good! I'm doing good and I hope everyone there is doing good as well! I love all of you guys!