Monday, March 6, 2017

In Like a Lion

Hey guys!

Yeah sorry, I took some time last time but I'm just glad I was able to get a message sent off! I'm glad that everything is going on the upslope now! and That dad is getting back to his normal! It's weird to think that when I'll see him again he'll be a lot skinnier but if what you say is true it will be the same story for me! Yeah the apartment is a little messy but we just cleaned it today and it's looking pretty good so that's a little better! I'm also glad you're spending some good time with the kids they really are awesome!

So this week went by a little bit differently. We didn't get out to see as many people as at the beginning of the week the temperature was nice and we were able to work fairly well but in the second of the week it got super super hot and it was hard to get a good amount of work in. Because of all the work, we did last week that second half of the week slowed us down quite a bit but we were still able to get a good amount of work in and overall it was a good day. Also, I went to my first wedding!! It wasn't for our investigators but it was for the other companionship and were able to go. The couple is super cool and super ready to be baptized. There a beloved family of Thsileu and Raveneau so we get to see them pretty often. Well, the first thing about it is that it was super different! It's pretty much just in a tiny room and its pretty much no big deal and it was interesting to see the translate the languages because there were a lot of different races in the room. There was a random old lady from Switzerland the investigators from Ivory Coast and Congo. 2 Americans and 1 French person and of course people from Benin. It was just kinda interesting. Also while we were there we went down to a lake and passed a crazy weird village!! It wasn't weird as like Voodoo and stuff like that even though there was a little bit but it was almost like we were in a different country. It was so stinking clean and the whole 20 minutes I was there I wasn't called yovo. It was very very very weird. Hopefully, I can send some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

Well, that's pretty much a lot of it. I'm really enjoying teaching and figuring out how to become a better teacher. Sometimes it's kinda hard because teaching here is a little different but its really cool. The French is coming a long a ton easier and I'm able to speak and understand like it's almost nothing. I'm very grateful for that because really it was miserable not being able to speak but now it's all good and my companion is awesome! Also, we had a zone activity. We played soccer and ate food and listened to some Rihanna and some rap so yeah. Never thought I would have a zone activity like that but it happened. Only in Benin but I'm liking my mission even though disobedience is rather high. You just gotta do as much work as possible and be patient. I'm just glad I've had pretty good companions! Anyway, it wasn't all that interesting but that's pretty much it! I love you guys a ton and hope that you have a good week!  OH, and for a package just some nice highlighters! I don't have anymore and marking my scriptures is becoming a little difficult. But thanks for everything you guys do for me and I will talk to you soon! Love you all!