Monday, February 20, 2017

Quiet Week

Hey guys!

Alright so this week the connection is better but I'm not sure Ill be able to send some pictures because I don't even know how long that would take to send them all. I'm glad to hear that mom is over her sickness and I hope that you can figure everything out with Mason's wedding which was really weird to type because I always figured he'd be at the house just until he was thirty ;)

Alright so let me describe where I am so you know its Cococodji and here the place is a ward and its a very big difference between a Branch and a Ward. In Porto-Novo it kinda felt like we were literally starting a branch and there were a lot of things that didn't work very well at all but here it actually works pretty good! Everyone knows there job pretty well and yeah its nothing like churches back home but its a lot more organized than Porto Novo ever dreamed of being so that's a nice change. Also, its a lot easier to find new investigators as members are actually pretty good at presenting new investigators so that's been a change not having to do as much contacting on the street and doing more teaching. HOWEVER, we walk so much and its ridiculous because this sector is huge and we actually have people who are interested and come to church but they're so far away so we get to walk a good amount!

Alright so my apartment is 4 missionaries with one shower by the way, but the missionaries are Raveneau who's a French man and is pretty much what you think a french man would be like. Elder Larson who came with me and he's super cool and actually has similar interests as me so we can talk about stuff back home pretty well which is awesome!  Then my companion Elder Tshileu who is from Congo and very very very kind and peaceful! He doesn't really talk much but really likes learning English and is very cool! Also there is not one single person has a phone!

I cant say that were perfect but were pretty good! Also the French man is going to be leaving the mission after this transfer but the apartment is good!

Also its kinda crazy because when I came here I felt like I learned some good scriptures to teach with but for a kid who just finished his training Elder Tshileu knows so many more than I do and its crazy! I might be the senior companion but its pretty much him that teaches and its really cool! We teach really well together and that's something that was a little difficult with the other 2. Hypote because I couldn't speak French yet and Agbewoley I didn't get much of a chance but its good to be teaching like we should! We also had a baptism when I came here and we've fixed 3 more for this following week and now we just need to finish up the lessons and it will be good! Elder Tshileu really likes working so its been really nice to get out and work like we should be doing and so far its been good! He's really been a good companion and the apartment is also really good and its been a nice change!

There's just one more thing that I want to add, this week really kinda taught me that I should really look for this best in things even when there is really a lot of difficulties. There's a lot of things that can make you discouraged and that kinda happened this week. I was pretty tired all the time and one day we had 7 lessons planned but only ended up teaching 2 also the fact that there's not much working right in this mission makes me sad almost every time I think about it but its really helped to look for the good things those which I've all listed on this email. I'm pretty motivated right now and I'm looking forward to next week!

I hope that you guys are having a good week and that you'll continue to have a good week! Also when is Masons wedding? Maybe you've sent it to me but I've forgotten! Thank you for all of the support that you guys give me and have a good day!