Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Weekend

Hey Guys!

Alright so everything is going pretty well and it turns out that I'm headed out of Porto Novo and going to Cococodji with Elder Larson in the same apartment as well as being a senior companion. So hopefully that will be good! My companion is from Congo and I don't know his name really cause its super hard to pronounce and so when they told me it I didn't understand. I'm still in Porto but head out Tomorrow. It's like the complete opposite side of Benin so it's going to be a little bit of a drive but I'm pretty happy with the work that I put in here but I still wished I could do more. It sounds like all the missionaries are pretty cool over there and I'll also be with an actual French person, so hopefully I'll get to speak French pretty well.

Thanks for the package and I look forward to getting to it and I'm glad you all had a pretty good super bowl weekend. it's kinda weird cause I honestly forgot there was a super bowl until you said that. Yeah, I've been taking my medicine more regularly and the mosquito net I'm using a little bit more but not as much as mom may like. It gets kinda hot when you're under it so that's why but I'll do my best to start using it more and more. Oh and I really miss your French Fries, big guy.

So the transfer for me is actually pretty bitter sweet. So Momma Josiane did end up getting baptized and her whole family and they consistently come to church and they're even inviting others to come as well. They just barely got converted and they're helping out the branch more than a lot of people. With her and her family is where I've felt the spirit the most and it's kinda hard to leave because also she is pregnant and wanted me to bless her baby so that is actually pretty saddening. Also, I have to leave Elder Gosse who really became one of my best friends here on the mission. He has a pretty crazy story and he's just a really awesome kid. However, I am super glad for the opportunity that I've had to start out my mission here. I've learned a lot of things and how to try and deal with things that you may not see in any other mission and it's really helped me shape my objective here and how I should live with someone else of a completely different culture. I really feel like the Branch of Porto-Novo was really kinda getting started so it's kinda sad to leave after seeing a whole bunch of progression but that's what the mission is. It's kinda sad to leave a place with a pretty sure knowledge that you probably won't see it again but things are all good! I'm looking forward to the other things that are going to come my way. I'm just really grateful to have served here with a bunch of amazing people I've met but I'm sure I'll continue to have more crazy adventures.

Anyway, that's kind of all I got for this week. I have some pictures that should be with this so I hope that you like them! I love all you guys and hope that you'll have a good week!

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