Monday, January 9, 2017

Need for Photo's

Whats up guys?

So sorry about the photos just sometimes the cyber has a place for them and sometimes they don't and recently its been a little difficult to find a good cyber so really we've been moving around a lot and I haven't been able to upload but I think I'll be able to upload today!

I'm sorry that a lot of you haven't been feeling very well that's not very fun at all. I've actually been very fortunate to have really good health here so far and I just hope that continues. I've never realized what a blessing health actually is so that's been nice.

Good for Mason and Elyse! I look forward to seeing a lot of pictures as well!

So this week we actually tried to talk a little bit to the leaders of the branch to help us out and straighten things out a little bit but there all a little bit stubborn. Because out of the 5 people I've baptized 3 don't really come that much no matter how much we visit them throughout the week and its a little discouraging. We have some investigators who are progressing really well. They are a family of 4 and the mom her name is Sylvia has really had some problems. It seems like she really has attached to the Gospel and that's something I'm really happy about and they seriously come every single Sunday and that's always encouraging.

Sometimes the mission is a little frustrating because there's only so much we can do but there's always good in the week that we can find even in the days that are kinda a tough. That's something I've been reminded of this week. Anyway I love all you guys and I'm going to try and upload my photos now and well see how that goes! Love you guys!

And concerning the letters its possible that we've gotten them but we haven't really been in Cotonou to go pick them up so they next time I'm at the bureau I'll let you guys know! So actually I tried uploading some photos and it looks like there's a little bit of a problem with my memory card. I still have all the pictures on the card but for some reason when I try to upload them to a computer they aren't showing up so until I figure that out I wont get pictures for a while I'm sorry

Haha so there's one time that we were driving to Cotonou and some guy had strapped maybe seven or 8 goats to his motor cycle and when the goats are in distress they just start yelling.  So I'm just chilling in the car and this motor cycle just drives past us with the goats just screaming their heads off! That was pretty awesome!