Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Hey Guys!

I really enjoyed seeing you guys too! I'm really glad that we get to speak 2 times a year too because seeing everyone doing well made me super happy! So Christmas here is a just a little bit more subdued. There's not like a ton of promotion around it people exchange gifts like we do but its not like terribly important and that's just kinda how it is. Its kinda difficult to go all out because like I said before everyone is pretty poor but they do what they can!

So I really like my new companion! Hes from Ghana and hes super cool! He also knows how to make popcorn and he likes to cook it every single day so I'm doing pretty good with him right about now! He also is very direct and its kinda fun to see when someone does something that isn't exactly right because he is just so direct and later he told me that here on the mission you should always speak from your heart so I thought that was pretty cool!

I'm glad that you had a good new years party and that everyone is doing well! So here in Africa new years eve is like a pretty big deal! There was literally people blasting music and wandering about until 5 in the morning! They also had fireworks too so that was awesome! We had a little party with the members but of course we didn't stay out till after midnight but that was still a fun little party.

Haha even though problems are a little bit first world they are still frustrating and I understand your pain. That honestly is like one of the worst things and don't think I'm mocking because that's a real problem.

Ah I miss Brother Johnson sometimes. Sometimes out here we could really use his directness and his strong testimony. Because me I'm a little to scared to direct the branch in what they should do but he would be fantastic at it if he was here. Maybe he could give me some lessons on some leading skills, if so that would be great! So recently I've started reading Jesus the Christ a little bit, and I've only read 4 chapters but really its such a great book. The way he lays out everything is just so simple even when his words sentence structure and grammar is sometimes difficult to follow, he connects a lot of things and its all super cool so I recommend that!

Ahh good old Jeanette Jewkes! I hope that shes doing good and don't worry I've started taking the doxy more and remembering to take it, but the mosquito net not quite but I'll start soon I'm sorry momma! I hope you guys are having a good day and that you'll have a good week! I love all of you guys and hope you stay safe!