Monday, November 14, 2016


Whats up guys? :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! And I actually remembered during the week so don't think I forgot all about ya!

I finally got my package!!! It was the best thing ever!! You think I'm kidding but that was really awesome! Thanks for everything that you did for me! I really like that book also those Oreo cookies were like the best thing I've ever tasted, that was fantastic!

I'm glad you guys have had a good week! And yes that Hires makes me only a little bit jealous but hey I had grilled chicken with rice and a tomato based sauce so I think I won that battle ;) Oh hey good on the Jazz! They might actually be a good team this year but then again I could've just cursed it by saying that!

Alright so this week has actually been a pretty productive week and a little crazy! So first off it was out first transfer this week and it was pretty eventful! Elder Ranaivo is becoming a new Assistant to the President and we're also going to be receiving a new missionary from the United States! So I'll pretty much be his trainer because the person who he's training speaks the most rapid French I think that I have ever heard! So that will be an interesting formation! Also I've started using French words that resemble English words a lot more and that's been a really weird thing! Kinda like formation I would've just said training but in French its Formation so I've just started using that!

Also we had another baptism this past Sunday and it was 2 people Marie and Laurent and really they're pretty awesome! They don't speak really good French so its really kinda hard to talk to them but when you can they are really kind and funny! I really like them!

Anyway that's pretty much it for this week! Ill update you on the situation with the new American next week! Have a good week and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Laurent and Marie 
Happy Birthday Cake