Monday, October 31, 2016

First Baptism


Alright so I'm glad that you're all doing good! I'm sure its kinda weird adjusting to an empty house. Oh yeah Chelsey told me all about her Birthday and I'm glad things are going well! And those costumes are pretty awesome! So I would chat with you a little more but you have asked a lot of questions and I feel its important to answer all of them. Oh and also I haven't received the package yet but I asked around and my companion told me to ask you guys what like mail company did you use to send it? I'm probably going to ask around a pretty soon because i don't know if he completely knows how it works. Also there's no addresses in Benin so its kinda hard to tell you where I live. Its somewhere in Porto Novo kinda next to a big green water tower. Also down the streets there's a statue type thing made of bronze and a round about. That's pretty much all I can tell you. Were near a white mosque if that helps.

Alright so for Christmas I think that I'm doing pretty good but thanks though!

I have one who speaks pretty good English but even still its not the greatest. I'm teaching my companion a little bit of English and the other Elder doesn't speak it at all besides yes!

Alright so how I'm doing? I'm doing pretty good right now! At the start of this week I was actually super homesick, one time to the point where like I actually felt sick. Also I have lost some weight but in a good way! I've started doing some push-ups and stuff like that but yeah!

Average day. Wake up at 6 have a prayer and sing a hymn with everyone in the apartment get ready for the day. Study up until about 10 for the most part come in at 12 eat then study or take a nap. Sometimes its super hot so we don't go back out till 4 but usually we end up back out there at 3 or so. Then we usually come in at around 6:30 or 7:00 because by that time its dark. So we really don't have much time because the days aren't very long and they don't want us out after dark. With all the time in the evening we have dinner, study a little or just relax. And that's the day!

So yeah she did get baptized! Her name is Mamma Sabine and shes really funny! Her memory is a little difficult so she had to really study to pass the baptismal questions but she has a super strong faith in God and its good!

Anyway I love you guys and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Mamma Sabine - First baptism

Nice day for a walk.